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Thriving and Living In Alignment With Source
December 6, 2018 at 5:00 AM
Thriving and Living In Alignment With Source

Learn how I went from forcing myself to go back to sleep (not wanting to wake up to my current life) to JUMPING out of bed (yes seriously, being one of those annoying people) excited to create and live another day aligned, connected and balanced. 

This morning I woke up staring at my ceiling shut my eyes wanting to go back to sleep. “UGH!” I don’t want to wake up to my life. I sat there starting to do meditation, try to get in good energy, however, it didn’t work. Repeated some mantras reminded myself of the own advice that I would give anyone else but still just couldn’t kick it! I even met an Indian Guru and adapted all of these crazy rituals that was totally not in sync with me or helped me or gave me any peace of mind! I felt super silly for identifying with something that never served me or never helped me.

I got up and continued to get ready for my day thinking that a work out will change the energy of the body and ultimately help myself, as it usually does.  Then passing by my refrigerator the ” Daily Offering” prayer card scotch taped to my fridge caught my eye.  I stopped in prayer and prayed the prayer offering up my day to the Sacred Heart of Jesus also taped next to the prayer card of Saint Jude and Saint Michael the Archangel two very strong and powerful sources. I smiled, kissed their prayer cards and prayed their prayers as well.  Walking back into my room I turned for a brief moment before hurrying up and grabbing my gym bag and rushing -I noticed my vision board out of the corner of my eye. I stopped mid-rush mode and just began looking at all of the pictures, quotes and the mission statement that I set for myself and all of the feelings of accomplishment of success and joy completely flooded my heart. However, why was I feeling so lost and disconnected?

I have a board that’s next to my bed that keeps track of my Holy Alliance Power Force ( lets call it) it’s an alliance of saints, a soul that is passed either a friend or relative and a soul that is still living here on this Earth, this Unity of strength of prayer has so much power! (and is for another blog post). However, it was looking at that board that I REMEMBERED  how strong I am and how my prayers are ALWAYS HEARD and how much I have been helped and Divinely guided in my short life here… and how many people’s lives that I have touched on my journey thus far.

 I instantly felt this Rush of emotion of the most intense feeling in my chest begin to bellow up, so much that I couldn’t even handle it, my body was overwhelmed with my spiritual body that only tears could come out and after a few tears of sadness and relief it turned into calming laughing and joy because I was instantly reminded of  who I am,  who I was, where I started, and where I am now.  REMEMBERING the power and the grace and the strength that had got me there and that power and the grace that is very real and very present and with us and accessible 24/7 365.

I looked at myself in the mirror and totally felt like someone had taken that dark cloud that had been over my head and completely cast the most Illuminating bright sun onto me! I instantly felt all of the those desired feelings that I have been craving for so long( TRUE peace of mind, happiness, love, joy, energetic and excited about life, thriving, balanced, aligned, connected and respected)  sometimes it’s as simple as looking back at where you started, where you are now, and what brought you this far and here today to remind yourself how strong and capable you are in CHANGING and transforming your life.

Know and understand that you are truly a spiritual being having a human experience and you truly are a soul that is going through this life experiencing worldly and materialistic things. ( whether you like it or not, believe it or not, its already been scientifically proven). I speak many times about your mind being a radio tower and you must tune into the frequency of that station that you’re trying to hear.

When we tune into the frequency, that frequency our creator vibrates and exists on- where all manifestations happen. Steps will be revealed to you to achieve that.

It was almost instantly I went from depression, not even wanting to wake up to EXPLODING WITH JOY AND EXCITEMENT ready to communicate this to you guys and share my beautiful experience.

 I turned around looking at several the prayer cards and portraits that I have of the great saints that I pray to and instantly( after having this Divine Intervention of REMEBERING who I am and the POWER we all contain) that I began to have another soul to soul connection with St, Jude, who has been there for me through a lot in my life and by praying and asking for his help and guidance and tapping into his powers and authority in heaven, has severely saved me and made the impossible possible. ( He is patron saint of impossible cases) .

it’s not that he manifested himself to me in human form but there is definitely a direct connection and communication soul to soul energyto energy just because we exist and live in different Realms does not mean that they do not hear us or they are not present. The same goes for all your loved ones that have gone before you.( almost every single person in this world can relate or share an experience of a external force that is not from this world that is happened to them whether be a note, a sign, a prayer, paranormal activity or what have you) but there is definitely an after life and the people that you pray to our talk to or communicate hear you and are there for you, never forget that.

The Divine golden cord connection that is a cord that is unbreakable and that no human creature entity or power can break or sever no matter how hard they try, that is the life force from your Creator. Instantly I was filled with true love that was almost So overwhelming that it brought me to tears.

 I instantly received true peace of mind and peace of soul and was reminded just like the wave of that huge powerful force that stands behind it, the ocean. We too are just like the wave when it’s about to Crest, we have the power of the almighty God and the white light and bright light protection and all who stand in that realm… the Angels the archangels the principalities the Saints the loved ones the prophets gurus and all good positive energy standing before us.  so when we make a decision, tuned into that high vibrating frequency the universe will only manifest that.


Alison Claire

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