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The KNOWN Secret All Multi-Millionaires Swear By
November 20, 2018 at 5:00 AM
Falcon 900

There are a million plus books out there on all of these things but rarely do we see or identify with one factor that is different from the 1% wealthiest people. There is a term called Self Actualizing. Self-actualizing people are detached from the outcome. They are motivated by“this is my calling” This is what I came here to fulfill” and I’ll continue to forge on until it’s complete. They see the finished vision in their mind and they hold it there like a concrete stamp and will not allow anyone or anything to tell them otherwise, PERIOD. Its apart of their DNA and they realize this is the only one divine truth and calling they MUST SHALL and WILL fulfill. They do what they do because the passion they feel and the wealth and the abundance of being able to live the life of their choosing is just the consequence of aligning yourself to the true reason of your life here Once you understand that concept, the people places and things that you need to accomplish your mission will appear. Maslow puts it perfectly into a quote“ when the student is ready to learn, the teachers will appear.”

Advance confidently in the directions of your own dreams and endeavor to live the life you have imagined and you will meet with a success so great and unexpected in a  common hour. Meaning when you are moving forward confident in your actions, thoughts, and environment making choices that are helping you move closer to that vision every day, it’s in doing so in an unbreakable faith that you will receive it!!! you will be so greatly rewarded with a fortune so unexpected in a common hour of the journey, just doing what you love to do, living your dreams!

You hold the title to your destiny, if you want to see God, Polish the mirror and look into it. He is in you and you in Him, You are one working in perfect unison and harmony with one another, and He is in all and all in Him because we and every living thing came from Him so therefore we are all connected. Quantum physics is the bridge for all religions and belief systems in proving this higher innate infinite being of universal knowledge energy and power.

We have free will, the choice to be connected to the source. Creator (God) or to be disconnected and left to fend for yourself, when everything is already planned and provided for you. Be aware of your body of your breathing, Health is being aligned with your creator allowing a crystal clear communication of divine inspirations and messages to be communicated back and forth. God only has one voice and that voice is SILENCE. It is in the stillness of the mind and heart that we are completely one with Him (Source) allowing ourselves to be guided and gifted with divine instruction and wisdom that otherwise would not be heard in the uproar and busyness of the world. 

Blaze Pastel said it very well. “All troubles stem from the inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” If we cannot be alone and still with our source then we will be forever troubled, lost and misguided by the torrents and false spirits of this world.

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