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Science of Meditation to Create Joy
March 25, 2020 at 4:00 AM
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Creation is generated by thoughts and dissolved through consciousness. Truly conscious experience is the dissolution, death, of the created.

If you no longer like what you created before, you - the consciousness - can realign yourself at any time..

This happens especially in meditation! That is why we meditate. To become free from the old with whom we have fallen into identification, and to be able to create something new that our heart really desires!

We meditate to live in joy and bliss. Life in fear is not joyful, but sorrowful.

Life in fear is not necessary - because you can also live in joy, if you want.

Bliss (Ananda) is your true nature.

Fear, on the other hand, is the result of forgetting oneself. Fear is limitation and narrowness...

You, dear consciousness, have at some point on your path decided to forget your true nature. Whether it was intentional or whether you just "let it happen" is irrelevant.

How to fall into oblivion and come out again You have neglected to dissolve what you have created in your innermost being again and thereby let it become more massive and massive in your experience. You have allowed yourself to fall away from your divinity, i.e. to forget who you are, and now experience yourself as a mortal who is a victim, in your own creation.

But the good news is that you can undo everything and I am here to remind you!

Your life can be a dance of pure joy! There is no need for the massive experience of suffering, sickness and death.

How to free your divine creativity from the slavery of the 3D matrix is your attention and with it your thinking is trapped in a kind of control loop, which confirms your accustomed dream-reality again and again.

In order to break this matrix, you must be able to think new thoughts. Thoughts that are outside the three-dimensional cosmos and its limitations!

This is only possible, of course, if you can recognize yourself as the consciousness that is the source energy!

The illusion of the strict limitation of the three-dimensional experience is fed by ignorance or nonsearching for your deepest reality! As long as you don't want to know deep in your heart who you are, you can't overcome the prison of the third dimension and the many sufferings associated with it.

Thoughts create the world and to create a new world you have to rise above the old one. The 3D experience is defined by limits and boundaries and a reduced transient self-image "I am" (ego). This is all lifted by ascension, by your self-knowledge!

Thoughts in the 5D Unity Consciousness are charged by the Power of God Through the union with God, man becomes the Creator God.

Devotion is a unity of spirit.

Acting in devotion is the manifestation of "Everything is ONE".

Devotion is the manifestation of ONE through the physical human being!

Total devotion is freedom from fear (fear = false evidence appearing real")!

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