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Biofield Science - A Bridge between Consciousness and Healing
The Quantum Field is energy and consciousness. It keeps our heart beating hundreds of thousands of times per day, creates over 60 million cells every minute, and organizes hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions in one cell every second.

Biofield Science uses Bioenergetics, Electromedicine, Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity to program the electric and neural pathways of the body to self-regulate and heal itself.


Quantum Researcher, Global Visionary and Self-Realization Facilitator
Alison teaches the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality, helping people develop their highest human potential. She helps you understand the multidimensional fabric of our reality and learn how to THRIVE in the day-to-day waking reality we call life.


  • Quantum Protocols

    By Balancing and training your mind, you truly create a life of peace and harmony in the soul, mind and body, which results in effortlessly and automatically feeling and living each day in synchronicity—connected, open, and free.

  • Research & Resources

    Learn more about holistic healthcare and access the latest functional medicine news and resources.

  • Videos & Blog

    You are an energetic being, living in an energetic universe. Learn how to communicate with the quantum field.

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Quantum physicists, renowned research scientists and doctors are now publishing research and findings on the power and energy magnetic fields of the mind, heart, and body. Their research is finding and developing ways to access the true power and force we contain.

Science has now recognized the relationship that we have with the energetic living universe and the way we perceive and can alter how we experience this waking reality we live in. I am passionate to report, document, and share with you how to interact with the energy source you actually are.

law of attraction

Living healthy is living in true alignment

We all want to detox and clean the physical body and the emotions that we feel and experience. However, we often do not want to look more deeply to find and fix what causes that emotion or experience to keep repeating itself in our lives.. An analogy is to pluck the head of the weed, without getting the root. It will always come back.

law of attraction alison claire thomas
Over the past 15 years, Alison Claire Thomas has developed a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in healing the spirit, mind, and body with Alternative and Integrative Medicine through her own personal journey

By aligning and healing her own soul and through rigorous, intense mind training to truly create a life of peace and balance in the soul, mind and body, Alison has discovered what works, what’s a myth, and what withstands the true test of time in transformation. Through this exploration, Alison has discovered how to live each day in synchronicity—connected, open, free, at peace, and truly happy.

She is so passionate about igniting the internal fire and power each and every human being is and has access to, allowing them to take control of their lives and TRULY LIVE the life they desire to experience and to have. They discover they have the power within themselves to truly heal their body, mind, and spirit and to live the life they want. Initially helping family and friends exclusively, she has now opened to the world the floodgates of her knowledge and experience to help everyone’s healing and empowerment through the power of knowledge and technology. Enjoy your journey!

Alison Thomas' Story

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