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Money Is A Mind-State
August 2, 2019 at 4:00 AM
Money Is A Mind-State

You have to understand that money is energy and the way that you think about it and perceive completely affects how it comes into money is mind state. I'm constantly doing energy work in order to clean up how I view it because I realized once I start living from a fear-based and a lack mindset / I need mindset ...I stop booking jobs, I stop getting work and it stops flowing to me. once I let go and understand that everything is connected wealth and abundance is everywhere I tap back into that true source of wholeness of what we are and everything starts flowing again! you just have to put in the work to change how you view certain and PERCEIVE things ...we grew up /raised with very limiting beliefs about money THAT completely affects how we ATTRACT it INTO OUR LIVES ! this is nothing new, this goes back to Napoleon Hill 1900s studying the The great men who came from no education no resources and still built empires THAT CHANGED THE WORLD! and the one thing that they had in common was self-actualization of who and what they really were and understanding that they had the power of God / universe/ conciseness/ Quantum field, behind them and they're able to tap into that consciousness but you have to live life on that vibration or you're not going to see that manifestation. just like if you're not tuned into country you're not going to hear it you'll hear rap and Rock... and same thing with Neville Goddard and ALL HIS TEACHINGS- which was who Wayne Dyer learned from. thoughts are the language of the mind and feeling is the language of the body your thoughts and your feelings together make up the emotional state and energy vibration of what you're giving off and putting out into the field that is what the universal give you and respond to you and what you'll see in your waking reality- so if you want to change your day-to-day experience YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR STATE OF BEING and you change your state of being by changing your thoughts and your feelings . you must live and think from that of which you already want so if you want to be abundant and wealthy and have money flow to you 24/7 then you cannot live in a lack mind state or you cannot put off any contradiction thought or emotion it takes work and it takes practice tuning ...just like you tune a frequency on radio- AS WE ALL ARE ENERGY !! However the more you practice it the stronger it gets just like a muscle. It goes back to the simple notion that everything that you see touch feel and experience today started with a thought everything starts in the mind and you cannot have what you don't believe, you must believe and see yourself as a successful wealthy person first in the mind!

Peace Love and Light,


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