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Leaving the Matrix, Deliberately Creating Your Life
March 25, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Sometimes you just have to look up.

Thoughts outside of fear, are 5D, are outside of the 3D world.

The 3D world always consists purely mentally of identification with form, which by definition is FEAR.

You can only think 5D thoughts if you yourself are already outside the matrix, i.e. have recognized who you really are and are in harmony with yourself, i.e. have dissolved all fears.

Now miracles happen! You will gradually regain your spiritual powers, which are the spiritual heritage of your soul.

Through oneness with the will of God/ source energy, things and situations will fit you and the whole in a way that the mind cannot even imagine.

In the long run, as your faith increases, you will be able to follow and live a life of power like Jesus, Buddah and other spiritual masters who lived in complete bliss and contained supernatural powers, and break the laws of this world, which consists only of imagined beliefs.

You know who you are, and no one can take away your creativity, for it is one with you.

If you are not afraid, you do not send out thoughts that correspond to the fear. You also no longer resonate with the things you were afraid of. Since you no longer have resonance, it no longer comes into your life, because the hermetic spiritual principle "As inside, so outside" always applies.

No one can reach and control you from the outside. All attempts to enslave or restrict you against your will fail after your ascent.

Everything dark only has power over you if you believe in it (consciously or unconsciously) and you give it your attention or your creative power. If you watch closely, you will see dark forces trying to get people's attention all the time. They can only survive if you believe in them and give them your own energy.

When you are master of your thoughts again, you will focus your attention only on what you really want from your heart. This is what your soul (the innermost heart) wants!

You will manifest it without much resistance and often with little energy. This is the blessing of your ascended being!

Ultimately, life is only a dream of you, the consciousness. Through your devotion to yourself, you will be able to experience life as a dream and consciously participate in shaping it.

- Ascension is a step-by-step transformation from a relative human consciousness to a divine consciousness.

- Joy does not come in reality from the senses, but is my true self. Happiness is always a pause in thinking and a return to my innermost being.

After Awakening the Spiritual Path Continues With the awakening, however, the ego-structure of the awakened person often remains intact untouched.

Therefore, after awakening, another way is necessary if one really wants to be free and live in permanent bliss.

Further view: What is the goal of all life? Complete freedom in the spiritual sense is only achieved when the consciousness is again able to let the cosmos and the ego ascend and disappear into itself as desired, i.e. willingly.

Only then is a complete restoration of the divine primordial state given and all unconsciousness is dissolved.

"A dreamer can be awake and exist without a dream, but a dream can never exist without a dreamer."

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