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How To Reach Enlightenment Without Becoming A Monk
November 17, 2018 at 12:00 AM
by Alison Claire Thomas
How To Reach Enlightenment Without Becoming A Monk

Enlightenment is easily attainable and can be achieved daily! I will go into detail below on how you can “step into” this state of pure joy and bliss at any time throughout your day.

Soul work is just as hard and taxing sometimes as physical fitness . In order to change your body and grow strong, you have to consciously choose to discipline yourself and dedicate yourself to train and eat right to get the results that you are looking for of feeling and looking good.

The same is with soul work, you must consciously choose to ALLOW yourself the opportunity to step into a more lighter, freer, happier state of being. Becoming aware and giving yourself the option is the first step. By creating a 5-15minute daily practice to receive the benefits 24 hours of peace of mind, light, easy flowing smooth day, feeling harmony and joy. Everything flowing and working in your favor. IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WORTH RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Yet we find ourselves in this vicious cycle of “self-sabotage” and doing the things that bring us the opposite of the CORE FEELINGS WE WANT AND DESIRE TO FEEL DAILY.

The bad habits that we keep habitually falling into, is the cycle that’s is bringing THE EXACT OPPOSITE FEELINGS of anger, sadness, guilt, depression, and overall feeling of BLAH! So why do we keep doing the actions causing these undesired feelings if we don’t like them? And how do we break up with this nasty no good bad habits and programs that are rendering these feelings?

FIRST BE VERY CLEAR ON HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL AND DESIRE!! Is it successful, happy, peaceful, free, abundant, healthy, shredded, alive, thriving, sexy, rich,? WHATEVER it is be VERY VERY VERY clear on it and get those feelings branded into your mind. I call it the “Core Four” the Four top feelings you want and desire to feel EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN DAY, THAT YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE EVERY SECOND, leaving you feeling maximum pleasure and complete bliss!

Mine are, Respectful, Connected, Thriving and Successful. Those are the top four I am focusing on manifesting and experiencing every day, currently right now in my life. It changes time to time, and once you manifest these into your daily life, YOUR DONE! AND YOU CAN PICK MORE AMAZING FEELINGS FROM YOUR LIST to incorporate into your life. This is being the creator and shaper of your reality, it is empowering and free, effortless and balanced.

Be aware and conscious to only do actions that will render your desired feelings and are in alignment with the vision you hold in your head. REALIZE AND FOCUS AND BE AWARE of how every choice you make will make you feel.

If it’s not in alignment with your core four, then do not proceed in action. This has significantly helped me to only think thoughts and do actions that are in alignment with my highest, most authentic version of myself and my core four desired feelings.

It is so refreshing! You will have a crystal clear sense of clarity and new clean open space circulating all the amazing opportunities and outcomes of possibilities that you must begin to think and create. Make sure the new positive thoughts and actions that are in alignment with the vision of who you truly are and what you desire to feel.

You will begin to become aware of feeling and how to “FEEL” your way through life. In order to thrive and truly live, everything changes. You begin to see what no longer serves you, what’s holding you back, what is your vice , crutch, or not so good coping mechanisms your using, it will reveal your comfort zone recognizing and remembering who you truly are and the power you contain within is KNOWLEDGE, KNowing how to access and tap into that in order for everything to flow and work in harmony is ENLIGHTENMENT.

ITS HONEST RAW TRUTH with self, what it is, what we contain, how were to function in this world and use the living universe science has proven for decades now.

In order to clean and remove all programs and attachments that are BUGS in your SOFTWARE causing the malfunction and Dis-Ease of the body. You must have great clarity.

In order to have NEW programs that serve you and allow life’s daily situations to work in your favor, you must clear out the old. Same goes with your home, if you want a new, beautiful sofa you must discard the old dirty couch that is standing in its place. We have to make room.

Start to become aware of your thoughts and feelings. FEEL your way through life. Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on how you want to feel. Begin to alter your actions to support the NEW YOU you are creating. Your actions and environment can not contradict the vision.

Peace. Love. Light

Alison Claire – Your peaceful warrior.

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