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How to Align Yourself into Receiving Mode
April 29, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Alison Claire Thomas
How to Align Yourself into Receiving Mode

How to Align Yourself into receiving mode.

Our Earthly ego thinks “I am separate from everyone else. “ “I am separated from God, My creator.” And “I am separate from what I don’t have". Which is the farthest from the truth? The reality is you are connected to that which is missing, you are connected and one with God. All you have to do is align your thoughts and feelings to receive it. Feel and know you are 1 with source, and you are already the higher, better version of yourself or what you desire or want to become, What is the bridge that gets you from THOUGHT to PHYSICAL REALITY is FEELING. You must THINK AND FEEL THAT OF WHICH YOU WISH TO BECOME AND YOU SHALL. For example, if you wish to live a life modeling Jesus or Buddha or Gandhi, then you must think and act peaceful and loving showing compassion generosity and love and you will become like them. You cannot act of violence, hate, and anger expecting to be a peaceful prophet. Or in a simpler version if you wish to be a violin prodigy, you’re not going to spend your time studying piano. EMERGE YOURSELF IN THE ENVIRONMENT YOU WISH TO CREATE AND BECOME and you SHALL.

One of the biggest steps I can offer you is to move into the meaning phase of your life, by SURRENDERING, go back to the 9 month old mentality that you are divinely guided and protected and EXACTLY WHERE YOU SHOULD BE IN THIS MOMENT. Even if it’s a struggle or trying time in your life it’s all a part of your journey here on this earth. Remember God will not put you up against anything you cannot conquer or overcome, and whatever you conquer makes you stronger, wiser, and aligns you in the right path you’re supposed to be on. Speaking from experience, sometimes you need to get knocked down to see the sky and remember who and what you are to get back on the right track. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies, and it’s in the admits of the trial that we truly see how strong we are and when true wisdom and understanding is rendered out of us. I know so many people myself included who seen the calm after the storm and it all made sense in the long run. Have faith and KNOW YOU ARE DIVINE LOVE AND energy BEING GUIDED BY DIVINE LOVE AND ENERGY.

Peace. Love. Light,

Alison Claire

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