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Everything Starts With A Thought

August 2, 2019 at 4:00 AM
Everything Starts With A Thought

You must create vibrational match of that what your trying to live and experience first. You make a vibrational blueprint by thinking that and sending that out into the supramental conscienceness so a Quantum leap can happen and the energetic moving universe and quantum field well begin to move and align for that to happen. Conciousness is the ground of all being. It can happen a trillion gazillion ways, THAT'S NOT YOUR JOB to figure out how, it's just your JOB TO CREATE MENTAL BLUEPRINTS!!!! You do this by thinking about it... every vision every invention every building every company started with an idea started with a thought!
THIS IS FUN, start thinking of your wildestm dreams and be careful because they will come true if you are constantly and consistently putting that on as your vibrational blueprint imagine getting dressed every morning are you going to wake up as the winner,the homemaker, the inventor, the academy award winner, the All Star athlete, the world renowned author, or whatever it is that your heart desires.... and send that out there or you going to wake up as the loser, grieving person, negative, sad, powerless, financially unstable, unlucky, , victim, it's your choice!! ITS SCIENCE, IT'S PROVEN AND GUARANTEED TO HAPPEN.

People are living mediocre lives and never achieve what they want because they simply don't think about it they are constantly creating and sending out blueprints thinking about everything they don't want. Your thoughts are you blue prints so make sure it reflects your dream house, not some shack.