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Becoming The Person You Really Want To Be
November 20, 2018 at 5:00 AM
Goldenrod Haze

I can’t begin to tell you how many souls have left this earth with their music still inside of them. Meaning they never understood who and what they really were and thought SURVIVING living paycheck to paycheck was life. Once a soul understands that there is so much more to life a shift will happen. An Aha moment, a shift in consciousness or understanding, a higher awareness of reality, a true quantum moment. It’s if you were right directly connecting with source and it’s so relevant that there’s no other explanation. I call it Divine intervention, for example, all laws of this earth say you should have been dead, but you lived, or you were at the right moment at the right time and what you needed and were looking for just happened to be there, and the way or route you got there was totally not in the original plan. Four things will happen when you experience a moment like this, it will be

1. Very Vivid (almost unreal feeling)

2. It will catch you off guard and surprise you

3. It feels good

4. It lasts with you forever and will change your life forever.

Sometimes this may not be a blissfulaha moment, ,for example the “you should not be alive circumstance” Sometimeshitting rock bottom is the best thing that happens, it shakes you up splits youopen and allows you to be remolded, reformed, and realigned in the rightdirection. It propels you the right and higher place, because the onlydirection you can go in that moment is up, and forward and that is always theright way. You must be open and embrace change and understandsometimes it takes dying of one thing to be illuminated in another. Look at thecaterpillar who must die to be transformed into the beautiful soaringbutterfly. At the time when it’s in its dark cocoon thinking this is it, hislife it’s over, its burst open releasing this divinely higher intricatecreature allowing it to spread its wings and fly, and live life at a totallyhigher level flying in the air versus crawling on the ground. You too must besoft and flexible and allow change to mold and shape you. ALWAYS TRUST AND HAVEFAITH YOU’RE Being DIVINELY GUIDED AND PROTECTED. Surrender and allow God to perform blessings and graces on you, The power of our Creator and Glorious all intelligent Source and Love energy creates universes and galaxies! THIS SAME POWER FLOWS TO AND THROUGH YOU AND YOUR VEINS Align and be one with your Source Energy and God in your life, leading and guiding, Providing and giving.

Our Ego thinks we must figure it out, we must solve the how, we have to achieve this in our own way, but remember if your Creator took care of you and figured everything out for you the first 9 months of your life, he will also do the same for 90 years. We must die of ego and reconnect with the enthusiasm of life. Enthusiasm is God and our Creator speaking to you telling you” yes, you are on your right path your true calling.” DO WHAT YOU’RE ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT!

God is working with you and for you when you’re connected and aligned, your source of life, He is the divine organizing intelligence. Play the music you came here to play and He will help you and lead you and guide you to fulfill His Divine will, and grant you your destiny.

Peace. Love. Light

Alison Claire

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