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The Quantum Field is energy and consciousness. It keeps our heart beating hundreds of thousands of times per day; creates over 60 million cells every minute; and organizes hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions in one cell every second.
Using Bioenergetics, Electromedicine, Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity to program the electric and neural pathways of the body to self regulate and heal itself.
The Bioenergetic system created the central nervous system of the body,
WE WERE ENERGY FIRST! It is time to demystify the science of healing and truly align to our lifes purpose!

Quantum physicists, renowned research scientists and doctors have now been publishing all the research and findings on the power and energy magnetic fields of the mind, heart, and body. Finding and devloping ways to access this true power and force we contain.

It’s no secret that science has now publicly emerged with the relationship that it has with the energetic living universe and the way we perceive and can alter how we experience the waking reality we live in. I am passionate to report, document, and share how to interact with the energy source you currently live in.

law of attraction

Living healthy is living in true alignment

Our Creator and energy source, everyone wants to detox and clean the physical body, and emotions that they feel and experience, however, they do not want to go in and fix what keeps causing that emotion or experience to come up or to happen to them in life. It's like only plucking the head of the weed, without getting the root. It will always come back.

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Alison has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in healing the spirit, mind and body with Alternative Medicine and Integrative Medicine over the last twelve years on her own personally proven journey

In seeking what works, what’s a myth, and what holds the true test of time in transformation, by aligning and healing her own soul and rigorous intense mind training to truly create a life of peace and balance in the soul, mind and body. Resulting in Feeling and living daily in sync, connected, open, free, truly happy at peace.

She is so passionate about igniting the internal fire and power each and every human being is and has access to. Allowing them to take control of their lives and TRULY LIVE the life they desire to experience and have. within them to truly heal their body mind and spirit and live the life they want. After helping family and friends exclusively she has opened her floodgates of knowledge and experience to the world in aiding to help everyone’s healing and empowerment through the power of knowledge and technology. Enjoy your journey!

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Our clients' success is our purpose. 

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Alison is a very kind hearted person who wrote me personalized advice in a very detailed oriented manner. Alison is very ambitious, focused, and takes action in what she believes in. Overall, I think she knows where to put her energy which leads her to helping other find the doors they want to open in life.

Joseph O.
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“As a business woman I admired you because you are a such inspiration for our millenniums. The way you express yourself thru social media is very inspirational for people to be in shape and for people to always think positive. I will continue follow you in FB and Instagram”

Marcela G.
emotional health

“Alison Thomas exudes positivity. She creates an energy around her that draws people to her. Her outlook on life is one that is uplifting and forward thinking. She has a deep wealth of spirituality that guides her on her life path. Alison is a go-getter and strives for excellence in all she does.”

Noelle H.
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